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3 Things to Do on Black Friday That Don't Involve Shopping

The LivBar team is taking Black Friday off this year to #OptOutside and enjoy the great outdoors, and we encourage you to do the same! Whether it's hiking, BBQing with the family, or a day of service picking up plastics on the beach, here are a few ideas for how you can spend your Black Friday that don't involve shopping.


1. Get Outside and Play! Grab a few friends or family members and get out there! Take a bike ride, go on a hike, or hit the beach or the mountain. The options are limitless! If that all feels like too much after a busy holiday, try sitting quietly in your backyard with a cup of tea or taking a stroll around your block or through a local park. If you need some inspiration, try searching for hiking trails near you or check out this article to see some of the best hikes in each state. (And while you're at it, tag @livbars in a photo on Instagram to enter to win $50 to REI and a box of LivBars!


2. Get Outside and Opt to Act! Join or organize a cleanup day! REI has a lot of great resources to help you organize your own DIY Cleanup Event, but even a quick walk around your neighborhood or local park to pick up trash can be a great way to #OptToAct. You can also use REI's 52-Week Opt to Act Plan for inspiration on how to be a steward of the environment and give back to Mother Nature all year long.


3. Stay In and Learn! If you're feeling exhausted from all of the holiday activity and need a quiet day inside (hey, we get it!), there are plenty of online resources with advice on how to consume more responsibly. We're currently loving everything about this video collaboration between Pattie Gonia and REI called "Dear Mother Nature," which travels to Hawaii to shed light on the current plastics crisis. You can also read about how (and why) France is trying to ban Black Friday, or - if you do want to use the day to shop - check out this great guide to an eco friendly Black Friday.


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