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3 Tips to Improve Your At Home Workouts

Young woman holding a yoga pose with her feet spread apart and arms spread apart in a living room. She has light skin and brown dreadlocked hair. She is concentrated and looking forward. She is wearing black patterned yoga pants and a pink long sleeve shirt.


When the gym ceased to be an option in 2020, home workouts became the “new normal”. Whether you loved them or hated them, they were often the only option available to move your body. Whether you are just starting out in your workout journey or are climbing a mountain every weekend, we at LivBar want to encourage you to move your body in any way that feels right for you. Whether it’s going for a walk in your neighborhood or lifting cans and milk jugs filled with water in your living room, you have an exciting opportunity to exercise right where you're at!

Smoothie bowl with granola, blueberries, and banana. To the right of the smoothie bowl is a whole banana and to the left of the bowl is a 12 pack of Raspberry Kale Maca LivBars.

Preparing for your at home workouts

We love a pre-workout snack! LivBars paired with your favorite nut butter or sunbutter will give you lasting energy to fuel your workout. Some other snack ideas for quick energy include oatmeal, a piece of toast, a small smoothie bowl, or some greek yogurt with crumbled LivBar. Snacks consumed 30 minutes prior to a workout are best in order to give your body time to digest before getting sweaty! 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Don’t skip out on drinking your water. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking about 2 cups of water 2 to 3 hours before your workout. For optimal hydration also drink ½ cup to 1 cup of water 15 to 20 minutes before your workout. 

Don’t skip out on warming up your body! Whether you choose to go on a walk around the block or do some jumping jacks, spend 5 to 10 minutes preparing your body for movement.


Side view of a women laying on a yoga mat with orange yoga pants and a white shirt. Women has her hands on her temples and is in the middle of a crunch exercise.

3 tips to improve your at home workouts

Make it a routine: Set a time to workout, whether it’s in the morning, at night, or during a midday lunch break. Move when it works for you! Pick two to six days a week to work out and keep those days designated for workouts at your preferred time.

Change it up! Home workouts create a safe space for you to try new types of exercise like pilates, HIIT, or yoga. Between Instagram and Youtube there are endless ways to learn new types of exercises and keep things interesting. Walking is another great way to change things up and challenge yourself. Find out some health benefits of walking here.

Keep it simple: The beauty of home workouts is that you are steps away from your gym. It doesn’t need to be over-complicated or trendy. There are plenty of no-equipment workout programs. 

Here are some home workout resources we love: 

rachaelsgoodeats - Rachel is both an R.D and personal trainer. She posts great recipes and has amazing live workouts.

nourishmovelove - Lindsey is an inspiration! She will keep you motivated and challenge you in your very own living room. She provides free workout programs on Youtube. 

Move with Nicole - Nicole’s Youtube channel is the holy grail of pilates workouts! She provides at home pilates workouts for anyone from beginners to experts. 

Heather Robertson - If you’re looking to challenge yourself, look no further! Heather provides HIIT style workouts that are sure to make you sweat it out! 

Yoga with Adrienne - New at yoga? Yoga with Adrienne has beginner videos that will help you find your inner yogi. 

Whether you are just starting out on your at home workout journey or are a seasoned veteran, it’s all about moving your body in a way that feels good for you! For more ideas, check out our recent article, 10 Tips for Staying Healthy In A Pandemic.

Let us know in the comments your favorite at home workout resources.

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