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5 Eco Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine's Day, you’re probably looking for alternatives to eating out at a restaurant or other activities that just aren’t feasible this time around. Shift a step further away from the traditional “dinner and a movie” date by leaning toward eco friendly endeavors to celebrate the special day with the ones you love. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, either! Take the day as an opportunity to show your family and friends how much you care for them (and for the environment).

Love The Environment, Too

Here at LivBar, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint— Like sticking to compostable wrapping for every LivBar! By reassessing the potential ways day-to-day life impacts our environment, you can look for alternatives to traditionally harmful activities. Show your honey how much you love them with these Valentine’s Day activities that aren’t so hard on the environment. 

Skip takeout and hit up a local winter market instead. This way, you can support local farmers and have fun cooking a lavish homemade meal for your significant other or family.

Appreciate the outdoors with a quick winter hike or walk. Pick out a new place you’ve yet to experience: We suggest seeking out a rushing waterfall or sweeping view from up high for an extra special outing.

Eco Friendly Gifting

On such a special day to appreciate your loved ones, it's easy to get carried away with several generous gifts and expressions like balloons, bouquets of flowers, paper cards, or a teddy bear, rather than more eco friendly gifts. But such “throwaway” gifts, as fun and romantic as they may be, are not reasonable in the long term and take a toll on the environment once they inevitably end up in a landfill. 

Consider giving eco friendly gifts that your significant other is sure to appreciate and utilize. You don’t have to compromise on the fun romance of it all, though! Think a potted plant rather than a dozen red roses (that may barely last until the end of the week), vintage jewelry rather than brand-new, or homemade spa and bath products like these DIY Bath Bombs by Good Life Eats.

Or, get crafty with a homemade gift that you can make alongside your significant other. Break out the watercolors, colored pencils, or acrylic paints and whip up a heartfelt piece of art for each other that will last a lifetime.

Go Homemade For Valentines Treats

Make homemade Valentine’s treats: Our version of homemade Valentines doubles as some sweet sustenance for the evening. Rather than making beautiful homemade Valentines with construction paper, stamps, and stickers, make a beautiful treat that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is tasty! 

Using high quality, fair-trade, organic dark chocolate to keep things eco-friendly, try your hand at our Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry TartHomemade Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark, or Chocolate Covered Strawberries. As an alternative, enjoy a hands-on treat with this Dark Chocolate Fondue Charcuterie Board

There are several different thoughtful ways to celebrate friends and family without producing waste and negatively impacting the environment. These tips from last year still stand strong, too! Just remember what the holiday is about: Simply spending time with your loved ones and showing them that you care. And if it's unsafe to see those you love in person, understand that absence only makes the heart grow fonder!

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