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5 Pacific Northwest-Made Marathon Essentials for Your Next Race

The Portland Marathon is coming up, and to celebrate the new course we’re highlighting some of our favorite running essentials that are made in the Pacific Northwest! Whether you’re a marathoner, a 10k lover, or a veteran of 100k ultras, finding the gear and nutrition that’s right for you is equally as important as your training regimen. Here are some of our favorite locally made snacks and gear to send you across the finish line looking good and feeling great.

P.S. Check out the recap of the Portland Marathon on our Instagram!


1. Adidas Ultraboost: We love how responsive and comfortable this shoe is! The Adidas North American Headquarters just so happens to be in Portland, so if you're lucky enough (and are pals with an Adidas employee) you might even be able to snag a pair of these at the Adidas employee store. The Ultraboosts are lightweight and durable, and the midsole stays responsive even after you’ve logged 500+ miles on them. We especially love the Parley editions, which are made from ocean microplastics. 


2. NW Alpine Women’s Alpine Tank. Northwest Alpine primarily designs gear for mountaineers and climbers, but their Women’s Alpine Tank also happens to be an amazing choice for a long run in the city or out on the trails. All of their gear is responsibly manufactured right here in Oregon; in fact, they have the largest contract sewing facility in the entire state!

For men (or for anyone who prefers a good t-shirt over a tank top) we love the Men’s Spectra Shirt.

3. Trail Butter
: Portland-based Trail Butter creates real-food energy that’s easy to access while you’re on the move. It’s like eating your favorite trail mix in nut-butter form! These packets are easy to take on a long run and to eat while moving, so you can get a boost of fat and protein at that critical moment without having to stop at an aid station. Plus, Trail Butter is made with real food ingredients & gives 1% for the planet.

4. Amphipod Hydraform Ergo Minimalist: Water is an absolute essential on any run, but for non-supported races or for those who just don’t want to stop at a water station, a handheld water bottle like this one is a must. Amphipod is based in Seattle, WA and offers a variety of bottle sizes and storage options (belts, vests, etc) so you can choose the one that’s right for your run.

5. LivBar: LivBars are made with certified Organic real foods and are formulated to provide balanced energy in the form of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Originally created by a nutritionist in Oregon who couldn’t find any energy bars that she felt good about recommending to her clients, LivBars are made entirely from Organic whole foods. The bars are soy, gluten, dairy, and corn free, and don’t melt or freeze - making them a great option to take with you on long trail runs or backpacking trips.The bars are baked for a crunchy, chewy texture and are packed with flavorful superfoods.  If you need a bit of a caffeine boost before a race, the Coffee Maple Cacao or the Lemongrass Cherry Matcha are favorites.















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  • Theresa SIvelle

    Wow. Looks like a great list of essentials. Definitely going to look for the LivBars and Trail Butters.

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