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5 Ways to Spend Mother’s Day Outdoors

What better time to get outdoors than on Mother’s Day? By this time, spring is in full swing and the options for outdoor activities are vast. Though you still may not be celebrating the holiday in the same traditions you’re used to, it’s always a great time to show the moms in your life that you appreciate them. Whether that’s your own mother, your spouse, or a good friend, it never hurts to give some extra love. 

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is all about taking time to appreciate all the moms in your life and what they do for you and their families. When you’re considering different activities for Mother’s Day, spending time outdoors should certainly come to mind! Mother nature deserves to be appreciated and enjoyed too— Why not try something different than a basic breakfast in bed or indoor dinner and plan some activities outdoors? Or, get spontaneous with your plans: Spend some quality time together on a nature walk, eating outside, or trying a new adventure.

We understand that not everyone will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day in person this year. But if you are able to see your mom face-to-face this Mother’s Day, we encourage you to spend time together— outdoors!

Outdoor Activities for Mothers Day

If you want to enjoy the spring weather and get outside, you might be looking for various outdoors activities for Mother’s Day. Celebrate your mother (or spouse, or other mom in your life) in whatever way you know she would appreciate. If that means mostly relaxing in a scenic area, do it! If mom is one to get more active, try some new outdoor activities for Mother’s Day like bike riding or even kayaking. Read on for a few more ideas on how to spend time outdoors for Mother’s Day.

Barbecue at home: Bust out the charcoal, throw some burgers on the grill, and pour an iced tea. Grilling at home is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time together while cooking. If you don’t have a grill, don’t sweat! You can still host a lovely barbecue in your own backyard with classic cookout dishes like potato salad, chips and salsa, fresh fruit, and proteins prepared on the stovetop or in the oven. 

Picnic anywhere: Get creative with a picnic spot! Pack up a spring lunch and get moving to your local beach, lake, or grassy park. You'll have to eat anyway, so why not do it outside?! Just don’t forget your own utensils and plates to keep things eco-friendly.

Gardening: Whether it be spring flowers, seasonal vegetables, or a small herb garden, this is a great activity for keeping busy, spending time together, and enjoying the outdoors! And every time she sees those flower blooms or harvests vegetables, mom will think of you. If she’s not interested in having her own garden to keep after, try visiting a local community botanical garden to view the spring blooms.

Hiking or a scenic nature walk: As simple as it sounds, a nice long or short walk within beautiful nature is a great way to spend time outdoors. Go slow to leave extra time for chatting, and take the opportunity to notice the small things in nature. For some more details on the health benefits of simply walking, check out our blog all about How to Celebrate National Walking Day!

A new-to-you adventure: This could be as simple as taking time to watch the sun set, setting out for a family bike ride, or as adventurous as kayaking or another water sport. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to try something new and exciting!

Mother’s Day Recipes 

If outdoor activities aren’t for you, consider cooking some Mother’s Day recipes. Whether mom is the type to participate in cooking, or you do all the work especially for her, she’ll appreciate the effort and do-it-yourself attitude. Rather than buying her something already prepared, get in the kitchen with mom!

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate the moms in your life this Mother’s Day, she will appreciate the effort and your love. Honor your mom and her positive impacts on this special day, as well as all year-round, too!

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