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9 Ways to Spend Your Black Friday Without Shopping

Instead of shopping on Black Friday, we’re planning to get outdoors and enjoy the last few days of autumn. By opting out of Black Friday, you can spend your time away from consumerism and educate yourself and others about how to shop sustainably. To encourage others to do the same, we’ve rounded up a few ideas for how to spend the day after Thanksgiving, whether it be lending an active hand in the community or taking on a new hiking spot endeavor.

Opt Outside

Appreciate the outdoors with the people in your household by checking out a new-to-you nearby trail. Or, take it easy with a simple stroll through your neighborhood! When you do, be sure to take into account all local precautions — REI, the leader of opting out of Black Friday, put together a list of key ways to recreate responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means planning ahead, staying somewhat close to home, and keeping your distance from others.


 Keep your hands busy by giving back to your community and environment! There are a myriad of ways to donate your time to people and projects in need. We suggest organizing or joining a cleanup event on your own validation or alongside the volunteers at SOLVE, which orchestrates regular cleanups in Oregon, whether it be on the beach, in a neighborhood park, or a hiking trail.

Put Together a Picnic in the Park

It’s the tastiest way to enjoy the outdoors! Take boxed lunch one step further by throwing together a fancy charcuterie board to-go. The customization abilities are endless, make for easy snacking, and lets you express your own creativity. Bonus: you can add LivBar bites to fruit and cheese for a satisfying balance, and bring along tasty drinks and a fun quilt to lay on for a picture-perfect afternoon.

Educate Yourself 

Learn about the ins and outs of sustainable shopping and why REI started to #OptOut of Black Friday five years ago by researching the subject. Along with fostering stewardship of the environment, the movement scrutinizes consumerism and encourages time spent with family and outdoors. This year, Black Friday shopping may occur mostly online and distanced from others: Take it one step further by spending the day away from the chaos of consumerism and closer to the community.

Break Out the Art

Get creative with a day of artistic play! Try coloring books (they’re not just for kids anymore), watercolor or acrylic paints, or your old guitar or keyboard. By tapping into your creative side, your mind will be relaxed while also stimulated. Hobbies like jigsaw puzzles and card games are fair game too!

Get Lost in a Book

Read those novels you forgot you had! You know, that stash of interesting reads you said you’d get around to someday… take the day after Thanksgiving to cozy up in a corner with a whole stack of books. Each one will teach you more than you realize, even the feel-good fiction!

Make it a Baking Day

After a day of cooking and eating, we’re partial to a sweet finishing touch. It’s easier than you may think to spend the day in the kitchen measuring ingredients, making adjustments, tasting samples, and being silly with spilled flour. To keep it festive, we can’t help but look to the Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread. Or for a fruity taste, try No Bake Raspberry Cream Personal Pies.

Knock Out Your To-Do List

Get it all out of the way! If you’re the type to put things off and let it build up, take the day to tackle it. Go through your notes and to-do lists, hunker down and make those calls, set those appointments, and research those projects. It’s a good day to set aside for meal-prepping, paying bills, and landscaping for the winter.

Get Started with Seasonal Cleaning

Get a jump-start on spring cleaning before its even winter! By deep cleaning every season, you’ll always stay one step ahead of the mess and recurring maintenance. Try making your own natural cleaning supplies with a few items from around the house to keep things eco-friendly. Portland’s The Herb Shoppe offers a couple recipes for home cleaning using its essential oils: that way, you can customize whichever scent you’d like. 

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