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Black Friday Leaves a Black Stain on our Environment - These Brands Are Taking a Stand and You Can Too

Did you know that the average American’s annual carbon footprint is around 20 metric tons? That’s 5 times greater than the global average. For comparison, that’s the equivalent of driving 50,264 miles - aka driving from New York City to San Francisco 17.3 times. 

To sequester that much carbon, it’d take 🌱331 tree seedlings 🌱that have grown for 10 years. 

Here at LivBar, we already offset any carbon emissions from website orders, but we recognize the need to keep pushing. 

As the holiday season approaches, we were considering how we can help our customers offset their personal carbon footprint. After learning that, last year, over 429,000 metric tons of carbon emissions were created from holiday shopping in the UK alone, we thought holiday shopping might be a good place to start. 

That’s why today, a day where millions of shoppers search for the perfect gift for a loved one, LivBar will be helping you offset your carbon footprint even more. To do so, we’ll be donating 33.1% of all sales from today - Green Friday - to One Tree Planted

We picked this non-profit organization because they’ve been planting trees around the world since 2014 to offset carbon emissions, increase biodiversity and restore forests. For every dollar donated on Green Friday, one tree will be planted in forests across the country and globe. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity. 

We’re living in a moment where we still have a window of opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the climate crisis. But to tackle a problem this big, we need everyone working towards the same goal. We’re thrilled to have the following amazing brands join us in this commitment, and pledged to donate 33.1% of today’s sales to One Tree Planted as well! 

Wanna join in? Click here to secure LivBar for your holiday charcuterie plate and make a dent in your carbon footprint!  

We extend our appreciation to TBH, Nutiva, Petit Pot, Riff, Appleton’s Market, Connect, Toodaloo, Amazi Foods, Fire Ox, GOOD PLANeT Foods, Grace's Goodness and Pezzy Pets for participating in Green Friday with us.

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