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Celebrating International Women's Day

Here at LivBar, we acknowledge the importance of celebrating women in all walks of life. As a woman-founded company, we’re all about encouraging women and raising awareness about gender inequality. That’s also what International Women’s Day on March 8 is dedicated to. This year, we’re taking extra special time to honor the day and encourage you to do so too.

Recognizing and Pairing With Women-Run Businesses 

LivBar is excited to be featured among other women-run businesses in Parsnip’s round-up of Female-Founded Conscious Coffee Products to Love and Learn. Big ups to the women-founded coffee bean and coffee filter companies highlighted alongside Coffee Maple Cacao LivBar! It’s helpful to not only recognize women for creating these sustainable products, but to share this work with others. 

Whole Foods is one to consistently make efforts to feature women-owned businesses, promoting “Women Makers” regularly on its site. LivBar is thrilled to be one of the featured Women Makers raising the bar and motivating others! Celebrating motivated business women that create delicious and sustainable food is a great way to spend International Women’s Day.

We’ve also paired with Caroo, an employee recognition and gifting snack box, to share the deliciousness of LivBar and connect with others alongside 13 women-founded snack brands. The March box is Women’s History themed of course!

We are motivated by girls and women around the world who have pressed for progress in life and gender equality. They continue to pave the way for women in business, leaving behind a more inclusive and motivating path. That’s just one reason why it’s so important to continue supporting and recognizing women-run businesses.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling 

Change comes from challenge. Every year International Women’s Day has a theme, and this year’s theme is “Choose To Challenge.” Challenge what, exactly? Any notion that women can’t do anything they put their mind to! Challenge gender stereotypes, professional endeavors, and gender inclusivity for all. Plus, 2021 marks the 110-year anniversary of the first established International Women’s Day.

Each year is a new opportunity to acknowledge women’s achievements and raise awareness of the prevalence of gender inequality. It’s also a chance to fundraise and donate to female-focused charities. Many organizations and companies take the day to fundraise and collaborate with the International Women’s Day platform and community.

The day is historically a time to fight for women’s rights and work together to celebrate and keep fighting for these rights. One example of work still to be finished is the still-real gender pay gap: In 2020, women earned $0.81 for every dollar that men earned. This disparity reflects the inequality experienced in many other aspects of a woman’s life. Use International Women’s Day on March 8 to treat yourself or the women in your life and appreciate the accomplishments women make all the time.

Always Empowered 

LivBar implores you to look for everyday opportunities to support and uplift women all over the world. This can be in your lifestyle, career, and consumer choices. Inspired by women’s achievements, you can choose to challenge yourself to work for positive change for women. While we think you should make these efforts every day, International Women’s Day is a perfect chance to find more ways to support women.

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