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Go Green for St. Patrick's Day, Literally

Embrace the Green & Get Back to the Basics

Large beaded necklaces, big top hats, shamrock-shaped glasses, tutu's, and all green everything - that's St. Patrick's Day, right? Oh and beer, don't forget the beer! Whether that's your idea of St. Patricks's Day or not, we have a new idea for going green on St. Patrick's Day - get back to the basics.

Although we have made such a positive shift in mindset and behavior over the past few years, there are still many people who are uneducated on the simple day-to-day tasks that can be done to help the planet. That's why this year we are going back to the beginning and focusing on the little things that make a huge difference.

1. Recycle

This shouldn't be a surprise for anyone, and if it is, we are glad you are reading! If this is something you struggle with, there are different ways you can make it easy on yourself.

  • Move your recycling bin to an easy access location
  • Keep a bin in a closet or pantry to throw small recyclables in until ready to empty
  • Keep a list of things that can be recycled close by - you can read more here to see a list of what can and cannot be recycled
  • Get your family involved and make it a fun activity - it's important to get kids started young with habits like this because it's harder to create new habits in the future!

Remember, each recyclable item that you choose to toss in the trash because it "is just one time and doesn't matter" adds up each time you do it! This might just be one of the easiest ways to begin going green.

2. Reduce Plastic Use

Are plastic water bottles convenient? To some they may be, but so is filling up a reusable water bottle. In addition to reducing the amount of plastic used, it is much more economical. Water is free whereas plastic water bottles are not. Make a one-time purchase of a nice, insulated water bottle, and make use of it! We like companies like Hydro Flask when looking for a nice reusable water bottle.

So why is reducing the use of plastic important? There is a lot more energy needed and used to create something like a water bottle - machines are needed, gas is required to transport to the stores to shelve and sell, it's endless. Not to mention the high possibility of plastic ending up in the ocean - it's a serious danger. Below are a few more ways to reduce the use of plastic:

  • Take reusable shopping bags to the grocery store
  • Slowly invest in reusable snack bags such as Stasher Bags
  • Simply quit buying plastic water bottles, sodas, juices, etc
  • Click here to read an article on more ways to reduce plastic use

3. Compost

Compost is decomposed organic substance used for creating a fertilizing soil that is nutrient-dense to help gardens thrive. An organic substance can be anything from plant leaves to an orange peel from your kitchen. Composting can reduce the use of chemical-filled fertilizers and eliminate methane gas that is created when your trash enters a landfill, which is a big contributor to climate change. LivBar is a huge fan of composting - in fact, all of LivBar's packaging is compostable. How cool is that?!

One of our demo reps, Kala, from @topfoodchain tested this with a LivBar wrapper in May 2019. Within 8 months, all that was left was in the photo below (note that composting time varies based on the composting environment).

“This little bit is all I could find of the shredded #compostablepackaging and it's not going to last much longer 😎” - Kala

4. Go Paperless

Electronics and the internet have made this one so easy for us these days. Make an effort to opt out of receiving bills in the mail and pay online. It's so much easier to track, and reduces the amount of paper being used. Just make sure you are recycling what you do still receive in the mail. Receive, shred, recycle! ( Or, you can use shredded paper for gift wrapping - be creative and reuse!)

We encourage everyone to think deeply on this matter and start small to create habits that make a big difference. So go green this St. Patrick's Day, but for a great cause. LivBar strives to be a part of this impact, and you should too.

If you're loving this idea but also love celebrating St. Patrick's Day the classic way, visit our recipe page for a yummy green treat - Coconut Matcha Tahini Bliss Balls. Can you say YUM?!

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