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Mother's Day - A Different Perspective

Thinking Outside The Box

We all know Mother's Day looks a little bit different this year -in fact, everything looks a bit different right now! Since we are all unable to go see our moms and give them a big, much needed hug, we decided to find ways to make our moms feel extra special this Mother's Day.

Write Her A Letter

We know, this is crazy - but pick up a pen and paper and handwrite that woman a letter! People forget how sentimental a handwritten letter truly is - especially to our parents - and receiving one is incredibly rare in the age of new technology. "But what would I write about?", you may ask. Give yourself a topic! Write about one of your favorite childhood memories, or about your favorite dish that she cooks. After all she did give you life and raise you - there should be at least one thing to write about!

Letter Topics

  • Favorite childhood memory
  • Favorite adventure
  • Favorite part about your family
  • What you love about her
  • What she has taught you
  • Biggest life lesson
  • Favorite dish that she cooks

Food Delivery

Know your mom's favorite local takeout spot? Order her a surprise lunch/dinner to make her feel special! Plus, who doesn't like food? Food is the way to many people's hearts, and we are sure your mom is one of those people. In addition to surprising your mom with her favorite food, you're also supporting local businesses which is a huge blessing right now!

Zoom Call With Your Siblings

Get your brothers and sisters on board and surprise your mom with a video chat! If you are an only child, do it by yourself! Although you aren't physically all together, this is still a way to connect and catch up with your family. This is the best time to utilize the technology we have been given! You could get even more creative and all eat brunch at the same time so you are hosting a Mother's Day brunch via video chat. The possibilities are endless.

Make A Homemade Treat

We have never heard of someone receiving a homemade treat as a gift and not being excited about it! It's a different way to express love, and the perfect way to do so right now. If you live nearby your mom's house, whip up a nice homemade treat and drop it off at her doorstep. You could even knock, step six feet back, and serenade her with an original Mother's Day song written by you. Okay, that's a bit much but hey, we support it. Need ideas for treats you could make her for Mother's Day? We suggest our Loaded Dark Chocolate Bark - it's easy, affordable, and so indulgent!

Other Homemade Treat Ideas

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, no matter what way you choose to show love to your mom this Mother's Day, it'll be great. Mom's appreciate the smallest things, that's what makes them so great.

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