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Snow Sports Essentials: 7 Things You Need on The Mountain This Season

Winter is coming! Whether you are a seasoned mountain-dweller or just starting out, it's smart to remember to bring some key things to the mountain with you. LivBar Brand Ambassador Chelsea has compiled a list of 7 items that will keep things simple and get you on your way to a ski resort near you. 

1. Reliable Outerwear

Nothing is worse than boarding or skiing in an old wetted-out jacked and/or pants. Make sure your gear is in tip-top shape to keep warm and dry. Patagonia is one of my favorite brands because of their high-quality gear and dedication to sustainability.

2. Water Bottle

Under all of those layers on a cold day, you may not notice how much you sweat while you're out there shredding. With sweat comes lost electrolytes that can lead to dehydration. So drink up and drink often, especially if you've been taking brewski breaks in the parking lot. A reusable water bottle makes it easy to remember to drink up, like these insulated ones from Hydroflask (bonus: we love them because they're local to Oregon!).

3. Sunscreen

Don't forget - your face is still exposed to the sun! You can easily still get sunburn unknowingly throughout the day on the mountain, so rub on some zinc oxide on your nose and maybe use some sunscreen chapstick (which can also protect from windburn - win/win!). Badger is one brand that makes great natural, eco-friendly sunblocks, but experiment and find your favorite.

4. Loud Whistle

This may mostly come in handy if you're an experienced skier or snowboarder that likes going off trail, or heading to trail-less mountain destinations. If anything should happen, such as falling and injuring yourself with no one around, this whistle may save your life. Or, you can simply use it to call your friends if you're out of cell service. This titanium whistle is a great option if you're avoiding plastics.

5. Portable Screwdriver or Multitool

Sometimes the resort will provide these, but it's always good to come prepared with your own! I use the Leatherman Skeletool CX - small and easy to use, and comes with 2 different driver heads. It makes it easy and convenient to be able to screw a loose binding, anytime, anywhere. 

6. The Right Socks

Yes, you should wear socks designed for skiing/snowboarding. They provide the right cushioning, and will keep your toes cozy! Do not wear no-show athletic socks, or even crew cut. I personally love Darn Tough - they make the best socks for anything winter-related!

7. The Right Snacks!

When you're out there on the mountain, you're burning a lot of calories. To make sure you have the energy for all of those runs, keep fueled with healthy, balanced snacks. Nothing beats LivBars, since they are well-balanced and super delicious! Their fat, protein, and fiber content keep them low-glycemic and provide long-lasting energy. Above all else, they don't freeze! You can forget chipping your tooth on most popular nutrition bars, these will remain soft and chewable. Lastly, you can feel good about throwing away the compostable wrapper (in a garbage or compost bin, of course!). 

Chelsea Schweighardt, MScN is an avid snowboarder, LivBar Brand Ambassador, and nutrition expert who received her Masters in nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. A New Jersey transplant, she currently works as a Nutritional Health Coach at Natural Grocers in Oregon. In her spare time she enjoys reading, running, getting outside, and cooking up nutritious and delicious foods here in the Pacific Northwest.

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