Celebrate National Family Health & Fitness Day

If you're looking for a way to get active with your family, the last Saturday in September is National Family Health & Fitness Day! This day was created to promote physical activity and overall health and wellness with the involvement of the entire family. When you are active as a family it increases success mentally, physically, and emotionally all around. Read Full Post Here

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Back To School Food Prep For At Home Learning

We're pretty sure most parents are a little stumped trying to navigate this new way of life amid the COVID-19 guidelines and schools opting for at-home learning. Figuring out the new work-life balance is one thing, but having to come up with lunch and snack prep to keep you and the kids going all day, every day can be overwhelming in itself. It may be easy to have pre-packaged goods on hand to just grab and go, but it's incredibly important to ensure that kids are getting optimal nutrients not only for growth but for immune strength. Read Full Post Here

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Three Ways Sugar is Sneaking Into Your Diet

How much sugar would you guess you eat in a day? “Reduce sugar intake” has long been a common piece of advice in the nutrition and fitness world. While this has caused some food companies to actually reduce sugar in their products, it’s caused many others to simply hide sugar under a different name while still marketing their products as “healthy.” Learning to read food labels is your biggest defense against this tactic, and we’re here to help! Read the full post

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