What Does It Mean To Be Low Carbon?

Many people and businesses talk about aiming to be low carbon and reduce their carbon footprint. But what does that mean? Low carbon simply means low energy consumption, and therefore less carbon dioxide and pollutants in the environment. If a food, product, or service is referred to as low carbon, a low amount of greenhouse gases were released from the production, transportation, etc. of the product. Greenhouse gases of course contribute to climate change and negatively impacts the environment.  Read Full Post Here

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5 Things You Can Do To Reduce Food Waste

Many people know that they should be reducing food waste in their everyday lives. But some people aren’t sure how to go about it or even what it all means. Food waste is a major problem in America and the world overall. It contributes to the growing amount of waste in landfills and resulting methane emissions. It wastes money. And it wastes the energy and resources expelled to produce, transport, and sell or prepare the food. Read Full Post Here

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How to Stay Eco Friendly with School Lunches During COVID-19

During this unprecedented time new rules are being put into place and our typical, day-to-day lives are looking a bit different. To ensure safety, we gladly oblige with this new way of life, but it's important to continue doing the best we can do be good to this great earth! This includes being extra careful when packing school lunches. From composting to recycling, these daily habits are needed no matter what's going on around us Read Full Post Here

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Plastic Free July with LivBar

Here at LivBar, we strive towards being waste-free and believe that baby steps lead to habits which lead to long term success. The Plastic Free Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that shares a lot of the same values as us which is why we want to show our support during Plastic Free July and help give you some tips and tricks recommended by the organization.  Read Full Post Here

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Composting 101: The Basics

We have all heard of it, but do we actually know what composting is and why it's beneficial? Let's get down to the basics, shall we? Read Full Post Here

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