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10 Tips to Living a Happy and Healthy Life According to Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Looking for ways to improve your health and happiness through food? For National Nutrition Month, LivBar, the leading ancient grain and seed nutrition bar, reached out to Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) across the country to ask for their advice on how people can change their lives for the better in 2022. Here is the advice they gave: 1. Practice gratitude “Be grateful to connect and enjoy a meal together. Remember the company and the great food in your life that make it worth living.” - Lisa Jones, RDN, keynote speaker and contributing author of Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide 2. Have fun “Recreation and play are not just for kids and research has shown that they positively impact overall health....

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Announcing the LivBar Nutrition Collective!

Calling all Registered Dietitians! We are excited to share that LivBar just launched the LivBar Nutrition Collective – a community of credentialed nutrition experts who receive exclusive perks throughout the year including coupons, free products, discounts and more! Our mission for the LivBar Nutrition Collective program is to support dietitians with their admirable and ongoing efforts toward improving the health and lives of their patients.  Read Full Post Here

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How To Read Nutrition Labels The Right Way

Are you ever at a grocery store and flip over a food product to read the nutrition facts, but have no idea what any of it means? That's okay, we've been there too which is why we wanted to create a simple breakdown for you according to the FDA.  Read Full Post Here

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Three Ways Sugar is Sneaking Into Your Diet

How much sugar would you guess you eat in a day? “Reduce sugar intake” has long been a common piece of advice in the nutrition and fitness world. While this has caused some food companies to actually reduce sugar in their products, it’s caused many others to simply hide sugar under a different name while still marketing their products as “healthy.” Learning to read food labels is your biggest defense against this tactic, and we’re here to help! Read the full post

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