100 Calorie Snack Ideas to Ring in the New Year

What is a 100 calorie snack? It’s exactly as it sounds: a simple and quick way to satisfy one’s hunger throughout the day. We go for 100 calories snacks every day at LivBar because it can be healthy and a helpful way to monitor your eating goals as it's easy to overeat when snacking. The end of a bag of chocolate covered fruit, salty almonds or potato chips may seem bottomless when you’re mindlessly eating at your desk or in front of the TV. Rather, try preparing a 100 calorie snack and take the time to enjoy it.  Read Full Post Here

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Back To School Food Prep For At Home Learning

We're pretty sure most parents are a little stumped trying to navigate this new way of life amid the COVID-19 guidelines and schools opting for at-home learning. Figuring out the new work-life balance is one thing, but having to come up with lunch and snack prep to keep you and the kids going all day, every day can be overwhelming in itself. It may be easy to have pre-packaged goods on hand to just grab and go, but it's incredibly important to ensure that kids are getting optimal nutrients not only for growth but for immune strength. Read Full Post Here

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