Black Friday Leaves a Black Stain on our Environment - These Brands Are Taking a Stand and You Can Too

Did you know that the average American’s annual carbon footprint is around 20 metric tons? That’s 5 times greater than the global average. For comparison, that’s the equivalent of driving 50,264 miles - aka driving from New York City to San Francisco 17.3 times.  To sequester that much carbon, it’d take 🌱331 tree seedlings 🌱that have grown for 10 years.  Here at LivBar, we already offset any carbon emissions from website orders, but we recognize the need to keep pushing.  As the holiday season approaches, we were considering how we can help our customers offset their personal carbon footprint. After learning that, last year, over 429,000 metric tons of carbon emissions were created from holiday shopping in the UK alone,...

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Food Industry Secrets: Co-Packing

Have you ever tried a packaged product that tasted the same, looked the same, and had the same texture as an item from another brand? That is a result of co-packing. Read further to learn more about co-packing and why LivBar chooses to manufacture our products in house to maintain a handcrafted, handmade, and handbaked bar!   See full post here. 

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3 Tips to Improve Your At Home Workouts

Interested in getting more out of your at home work out? These 3 tips will encourage you to move your body right where you're at. From cardio, pilates, yoga, and HIIT, there are plenty of ways to keep your exercise routine exciting while staying out of the gym. See full post here. 

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How To Shop Local This Summer

When getting ready to cook and eat, it’s important to shop local and seasonal. People choose to shop local for a variety of reasons. For one, it’s better on the environment: By reducing the miles between where your food was grown or processed and where you live, you can avoid greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles (and the energy to refrigerate certain foods). Also, it supports local small businesses and farms! Shop local by opting for the small businesses and locally owned farms in your community rather than chain grocery stores and retailers. Read Full Post Here

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What Does It Mean To Be Low Carbon?

Many people and businesses talk about aiming to be low carbon and reduce their carbon footprint. But what does that mean? Low carbon simply means low energy consumption, and therefore less carbon dioxide and pollutants in the environment. If a food, product, or service is referred to as low carbon, a low amount of greenhouse gases were released from the production, transportation, etc. of the product. Greenhouse gases of course contribute to climate change and negatively impacts the environment.  Read Full Post Here

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Announcing the LivBar Nutrition Collective!

Calling all Registered Dietitians! We are excited to share that LivBar just launched the LivBar Nutrition Collective – a community of credentialed nutrition experts who receive exclusive perks throughout the year including coupons, free products, discounts and more! Our mission for the LivBar Nutrition Collective program is to support dietitians with their admirable and ongoing efforts toward improving the health and lives of their patients.  Read Full Post Here

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