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Press Release: 100% Organic LivBar Responds to CLIF Bar’s Open Letter

LivBar responds to CLIF Bar’s open letter, asking for its competitors to not just move to organic, but issues an additional compostable packaging challenge.



Yesterday CLIF Bar challenged KIND Bar to join with them to work toward becoming 100% organic.

Regardless of the level of authenticity of the challenge (CLIF Bar is 76% organic after 17 years), “it’s a fantastic idea and one we are completely behind,” said LivBar CEO Wade Brooks. “We have been fully organic since our inception seven years ago; it’s in our DNA. If CLIF Bar’s challenge in some way moves bar
manufacturers to more credibly sourcing their ingredients and increases the health of the consumers, we are all in.”

To quote CLIF Bar “Let’s raise the bar together for people and the planet. Let’s lay the foundation for a healthier, more just and sustainable food system. Since we are food companies, going organic might be the most powerful decision we can make.” LivBar adds to the conversation that there is another just as powerful decision to be made: “We would like to challenge all bar manufacturers to move to 100% compostable wrappers,” said Brooks.

According to UN Environment, food wrappers are the fourth most common single-use plastic found in the environment. In 2018 alone, 2 billion snack and energy bar wrappers went into landfills. Without urgent action, it is expected that the amount of plastic littering the world’s oceans will triple within a decade. The LivBar team is passionate about being part of the solution and uses all 100% compostable wrappers made from cellulose, the most abundant of naturally occurring organic materials and their wrappers are certified to both ASTM D6400 and EN13432 by Vinçotte, Din Certco, and the BPI.

Going to compostable wrappers was not, and is not, the easy route. “Compostable wrappers are more costly than traditional plastic wrappers, which is challenging as a smaller business,” said Brooks. “However, we do not want to see our wrappers littering our favorite hikes, clogging up our local rivers, or swirling in the ocean, so we decided the investment is more than worth it.”

We appreciate CLIF Bars efforts to already not choose the easy route. As their letter stated: “Going organic isn’t easy, we know...we broke with conventional business wisdom and decided to take what initially seemed to be a huge risk. The investment required more people, time and money.” The LivBar team is
ready to share their expertise with any bar manufacturer open to the challenge, and help alleviate the risk and investment. “We will share everything we’ve learned about using compostable wrappers with any manufacturer concerned about the environment,” stated Brooks, “Everyone wins when we work together toward a better planet and more corporate social responsibility. ‘Open Source Organic’ is a great start, but if we want to be authentic stewards of the environment ‘Open Source Composting’ can not be overlooked.”

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