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Press Release: LivBar Named a Top Gluten Free Snack Bar in the Nation

LivBar’s Blueberry Vanilla Kale Bar Recognized in The Gluten Free Awards and 2020 Gluten Free Buyers Guide

On August 31st, voting opened for the 2020 Gluten Free Awards, and the Blueberry Vanilla Kale LivBar, created by Liv Foods, Inc., was nominated for “Best Gluten Free Snack Bar.” Tens of thousands of members of the gluten free community will vote throughout the month of September to create the latest unbiased, up-to-date collection of the leading gluten free options on the market.

“LivBar is honored to be featured among the nominees,” says CEO Wade Brooks. “Consumers have incredible power to vote for real food every day with their purchases. The Gluten Free Awards provide a way for consumers to recognize and share the products that help them thrive.”

Founder Jan Johansen said, “I created LivBars to be gluten free from the very beginning. My husband has a gluten allergy and I wanted the bars to be accessible to him, to those with celiac disease, and to anyone else needing to avoid gluten in their diet. To this day, we manufacture all five flavors of LivBars in our own facility that is completely gluten free and with all gluten free ingredients.”

The Gluten Free Awards were started in 2010, as Josh and Jayme Schieffer, parents of a child with Celiac Disease, struggled to navigate shopping for gluten free products. They wanted to create a quick way to identify that a product or service has met the quality standards set out by the Celiac and Gluten Intolerant community. Each year companies are nominated by the top 20-40 gluten-free bloggers for over 60 categories of gluten free foods. The vote then opens to gluten free consumers, and last year the Gluten Free Awards received over 250,000 responses. Voting is currently open to the public, and consumers can vote for their favorite brands online through September 30, 2019. The final results will then be published in The Gluten-Free Buyers Guide; the 2020 version will be released on November 15th. 

To vote for LivBar in this year’s Gluten Free Awards, consumers can visit this link ( LivBar has been nominated for Category 52, “Best Gluten Free Snack Bar,” alongside brands such as KIND Snacks, Larabar, and ONE Protein Bars. The Snack Bar category can be found on the last page of the survey.

LivBars are currently available online at Amazon Prime, Amazon Subscribe and Save, direct from the LivBar website (, and in hundreds of stores, including Erewhon, New Seasons Markets, Market of Choice, Zupan’s, Garden Bar, and Roth’s Fresh Markets.

LivBar is distributed nationally through KeHE and DPI Specialty Foods.

About LivBar®

LivBar was founded in 2012 in Salem, Oregon, by two nutrition and fitness experts, Jan and Gabe Johansen. Jan was challenged to find any truly healthy energy bars she could recommend to her clients, so she created the LivBar recipes. LivBars are crunchy and chewy and come in five delicious superfood flavors: Coffee Maple Cacao, Raspberry Kale Maca, Blueberry Vanilla Kale, Ginger Lemon Turmeric, and Lemongrass Cherry Matcha. For more about LivBar, visit or check out our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

About The Gluten Free Awards

The Gluten-Free Awards started in 2010 by Josh and Jayme Schieffer, parents of a child with Celiac Disease. After their son’s diagnosis they gutted the fridge and pantry of  gluten containing products and went to the health food store to re-stock. Josh and Jayme soon realized how expensive some of the food was and how awful some gluten free products tasted. On the other hand, some products tasted great and cost little to no more than their gluten containing counterparts. Josh and Jayme couldn’t find a single resource containing unbiased opinions about gluten free products and services so they developed The Gluten-Free Awards and the Gluten Free Buyers guide. Last year the guide reached 10th in Amazon's Top 10 Non-Fiction eBooks and the top Amazon’s Top Gluten-Free Book.  Read more about the story.

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