Always the Adventure: Sustainably Scrumptious: 11 Brands Cooking Up Health & Sustainable Backpacking Food

The most healthy backpacking food brands were those that use all or mostly organic ingredients. Organically grown food isn’t just healthy but inherently sustainable to some degree. Because organic agriculture doesn’t use chemical pesticides and fertilizers, it’s not only healthier for you and the farmers, but, turns out, the earth itself.  Inorganic agriculture is stripping the earth of all its natural nutrients and, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, if we continue to degrade our soil at the current rate, it will only support about 60 more harvests.  Sustainable outdoor food also means consideration paid to the packaging, the most difficult problem yet to solve.... ...Our sustainable camp food pick: Ginger Lemon Turmeric organic superfoods bar (gotta love...

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BEVNET & NOSH Virtually Live: LivBar CEO Wade Brooks Leads Session on Angel Investing

Liv Foods CEO Wade Brooks -- a professor of entrepreneurial practice and the founder of a university-based angel investment fund -- will discuss key factors early stage brands should take into account when attempting to raise money from angel investors, particularly during uncertain financial times. Brooks has taken the temperature of angel investors around the current pandemic-induced downturn and will combine these new insights with his experienced viewpoint to give attendees a clear set of fundraising strategies. Read more about the event  

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