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Tip Toe the Globe: The Mindset of a Sustainable Hiker

Many environmental wonders are top travel destinations - sadly, high foot traffic leads to a more fragile ecosystem and greater possibility for pollution. A few simple and mindful practices can make a huge impact. As a member of the hiking community, it’s our responsibility to not only actively apply these routines, but set an example for those who may not be aware of outdoor etiquette. There’s nothing worse than absorbing a polished landscape and suddenly resting your eyes on a piece of trash. If you already trek while considering these guidelines, I applaud you. However, some are unfamiliar with the ethical courtesies visitors of the wilderness should emulate...

...Granola bars are top priority to prolong energy levels while on trail. After rigorous internet consultations, I finally found a bar that not only meets nutritional needs, but sustainability needs as well. LivBar noticed that food wrappers are the fourth most common single-use plastic found in the environment. This superior company packages their bars with 100% compostable wrapping made of cellulose, the most bountiful of commonly occurring organic materials. While also knowing LivBars facilities are powered by solar energy, the decision to support this forward-thinking brand should be a no brainer.

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