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Trend Hunter: 'LivBar' Launched a Nutrition Program to Support Registered Dietitians

LivBar, a health-conscious snack brand, has launched a nutrition collective to empower registered dietitians (RDs). The 'LivBar Nutrition Collective' was designed to support registered dietitians through a community of like-minded RDs who -share the similar goal of empowering individuals to lead a healthier life.

LivBar began noticing that the 'health conscious' aisles in grocery stores have become far from healthy. Due to this, they sought to foster a community of health-conscious professionals - one where discussion, innovation, and growth can take place. The initiative is a member-based collective, where RDs have access to educational opportunities, client resources, and connect with like-minded RDs.

Registered dietitians who join LivBar's collective will enjoy exclusive perks and access to product discounts. The goal is to help empower individuals to lead healthier lives, and it starts by creating a strong community of diet experts.

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