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LivBar ditches honey to go vegan

We’ve all been there: standing at the grocery store with a nutrition bar in hand, checking for non-vegan ingredients one-by-one (yay! No whey!) and then, right at the bottom of the list, a touch of honey finds its way in. Luckily, LivBar—which offers nutrition bars in Coffee Maple Cacao, Raspberry Maca, Blueberry Vanilla, Ginger Lemon Turmeric, and Lemongrass Cherry Matcha flavors—is ditching honey to make our supermarket trips more fruitful. Instead of honey, LivBar will now use organic coconut nectar, a plant-based natural sweetener that comes from the sap of the flowers of coconut palm which has the added bonus of having a significantly lower glycemic index than honey. 

“Ultimately, our goal is to make it easier for health-conscious individuals to have access to truly healthy and delicious snacks,” LivBar CEO Wade Brooks said in a statement. “But the move to make our products vegan and more organic is not only fueled by our desire to be more inclusive, but also to be more Earth-friendly. Usage of organically grown, plant-based products is much better for the earth.”

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