WebWire: Moonshot Launches Campaign to Tackle Holiday Shopping’s Environmental Impact with Green Friday

"The latest findings from the 2021 UN IPCC report serve as a harsh reminder of the reality surrounding the climate crisis: the time to act is now. That’s why Moonshot, the first explicitly climate-friendly snack brand, is announcing Green Friday, a new campaign aimed at fighting carbon emissions created by holiday shopping. On Friday, November 26th, Moonshot, TBH, Nutiva, Petit Pot, Riff, Toodaloo, Amazi Foods, Fire Ox, LivBar, GOOD PLANeT Foods, Appleton’s Market, Connect, Grace’s Goodness and Pezzy Pets will donate 33.1% of all sales to One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on carbon offsets."  Read the full article here. 

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Good Side News: From Good to Great: LivBar Goes Vegan, Improves Organic Percentage

"Liv Foods, Inc., maker of LivBar, organic superfood energy bars, has announced that they have taken major steps to make their products more inclusive moving forward. And one of the biggest changes that consumers should expect is a new and improved formulation that not only makes the company’s products vegan, but also more nutritious, organic, and allergen-free." Read the full article here.

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Colorado Mountain Mom: Fall 2021 Women’s Gear Guide

"Typically, I’d say you’ve tried one healthy nutrition bar… you’ve tried them all. But Liv Bar is truly different, and I’m very happy to have found them.   Best described as a “grain and seed bar”, here’s the good stuff about Liv Bars. They are organic, and free of all kinds of things – gluten free, soy free, dairy free, corn free, GMO free." Read the full article here.

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High on Adventure: LivBar

"Health-conscious consumers have a solid choice in LivBar’s organic nutrition bar. Their motto? ”Finally a food bar made from real food.” Easily stashed in a pocket, bag or backpack, - or stocking - bikers, hikers, skiers, all outdoor activity-minded enthusiasts can find a fitness food that’s actually made from real organic ingredients - no chemicals, no dyes, no gluten, soy, dairy, corn or GMO." Read the full article here.

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Health on a Shoestring: LivBar

A great low-allergen, organic, hand baked on-the-go snack that won’t melt in your pocket! Made in Oregon in a solar powered facility, these bars. happened by chance. The founder, Jan, started making these for her husband who has a lot of allergies. Fast forward and now these are a great bar for all of us! Read the full article here. 

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