Ginger Lemon White Holiday Sangria

Batch cocktails like sangria and Christmas punch are popular for the holiday because they’re so convenient! When hosting a crowd, it’s nice to have drinks already made up to serve to guests and enjoy. But these drinks don’t have to be full of refined sugar and alcohol to be tasty: Added sugar like simple syrup is usually used in traditional punch and other cocktails like these. Rather, naturally sparkling ginger kombucha and fruit make up the base of this holiday beverage.  Read Full Post Here

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Coffee Maple Cacao Peppermint Bark

Crunchy and sweet, a couple flavors like espresso and chocolate join forces against peppermint to round out this seasonal chocolate bark. It’s easy to make with only a few ingredients in less than an hour. Peppermint bark makes such a nice gift for the holiday season: Try making this homemade version rather than gifting a store bought peppermint bark filled with added sugars and other ingredients. Instead, this lighter version of the treat is still sweet and tasty! Read Full Post Here

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Dairy and Gluten Free Raspberry Cheesecake

These individual raspberry cheesecakes are creamy, sweet, and full of fruity berry flavor. A simple blend of tart raspberry and sweet maple syrup sit atop a base of dairy free cream cheese and whipped cream. Separate small servings means anyone can sneak their own treat when the mood strikes! And a list of dairy and gluten free ingredients allows just about anyone to enjoy the dessert. Read Full Post Here

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Sweet & Savory Stuffed Dates

Stuffed with different flavors and textures, these sweet and savory dates are perfect for holiday appetizers! They’re quick and easy to put together and can be customized to meet your preferences. Large medjool dates are split open and stuffed with your favorite vegan cream cheese. Then, they’re topped with crumbled LivBar and a drizzle of honey. If you eat dairy, try them with goat cheese! And for a little extra spice, go for hot honey. Read Full Post Here

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Vegan Golden Milk Chai Latte

Creamy and comforting, golden milk chai lattes are so easy to make. The slightly spicy, warm drink is so cozy on winter evenings and holiday mornings. Hot water is mixed with a blend of maple syrup for flavor and sweetness, spices like turmeric, and your favorite steamed dairy free milk for this simple recipe. Turmeric powder provides this chai latte with a golden color, plus health benefits like antioxidants. For more information on the power of turmeric and why we love it here at LivBar, check out our blog all about it here. Read Full Post Here

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Gluten Free & Vegan Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal

Apple pie meets oatmeal in this baked version of the two treats. This baked oatmeal is seasoned with apple pie spice and has grated apples in each bite. Kids and adults alike will love this simple dish: It’s sweet, spiced, moist, and delicious! Enjoy this baked apple pie oatmeal for breakfast, as a snack, or even dessert. It’s a simple mixture of oats and apples, plus maple syrup, nut butter, and dairy free milk. Read Full Post Here

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