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Back to School Lunch Box

It’s finally the time of the year for back to school prep! Along with all the necessary school supplies and back-to-school clothes, it’s time to get ready for school lunch again. Here at LivBar, we opt to make things convenient for you and your family while staying healthy and avoiding processed goods. That’s why we put together a simple but healthy and satisfying lunch box recipe that you can customize all year long.

Whether your children are heading back to school, staying at home, or learning the hybrid way, it’s helpful to have some lunch ideas. And while things are a little bit different now, our blog all about eco-friendly school lunches during Covid-19 still applies for this school year. It’s a busy time, but simply start by being prepared with healthy ingredients on hand. 

For this lunch box, we threw in some raw cut veggies, fruit, sliced turkey, and of course, your choice of LivBar! But you can really use whatever food you have around. Remember to go for protein, including LivBar, and fruits and vegetables as a priority. Then, you can throw in some crackers or even dark chocolate for a healthy treat.  For vegetarians, you can easily add protein via nuts, seeds, or cooked beans.