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Build Your Own Gluten Free Toast

Everyone loves toast, right? It's easy to make and is customizable so everyone can have exactly what they want. This is a simple go-to that is great for hosting brunch or simply switching things up at home for breakfast with the family. Making something as simple as toast is a great way to get kids involved with prepping food and educating them on whole food ingredients.

Our not-so-secret ingredient for toast is crumbled LivBar. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness with a little crunch when combined with other toppings. Some of our favorites are strawberries and nut/seed butter, avocado (duh), pears and goat cheese, and if you're feelin' a little fancy, our Vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Fondue makes the perfect spread when chilled. 

This recipe idea is great to share with anyone you know with celiac disease if you're ever looking for a way to support them! We also suggest sharing it with moms all around to help with snack ideas for kids with all the at-home learning that is being implemented. We have many more snack options that you can see on our Back to School blog!