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Chocolate Covered LivBar Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a big deal for candy lovers. And these chocolate covered LivBar valentines are a perfect way to celebrate sweet treats and love. While it’s easy enough to grab a package of processed Valentine’s candies like heart-shaped chocolate, we’d encourage you to make something homemade instead. That’s why these chocolate covered LivBar valentines are so quick and easy to make for the family and kids.

Just five ingredients make up this simple snack: Start by using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to transform your LivBars from rectangles to hearts (and save the leftover LivBar to crumble into another recipe!). The hearts are dipped into melted dark and white chocolate and sprinkled with pink and red Valentine’s Day themed sprinkles. Then, just toss it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to firm up.

Rather than packaged processed Valentine’s Day candy, these LivBar valentines are just as festive but made with simple, wholesome ingredients. They’re perfect for kids’ celebrations and as a homemade gift for loved ones and friends. And while you can certainly use any LivBar you’d like, we went with Raspberry Maca as the berry flavor is perfect for Valentine’s Day and with chocolate.