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Chocolate Dipped Banana Bites

This is one of the simplest snacks you can make when you’re craving a treat that's just a little sweet! When frozen, the bananas almost resemble the texture of ice cream. We used dark chocolate for its rich taste and health benefits: You can use whatever kind you have on hand!

It’s as easy as melting chunks of chocolate in a double boiler with a touch of coconut oil to smooth things out. Then dip the banana slices in that delicious chocolate and crumble some of your favorite LivBar on top! For an extra dose of chocolate flavor, we like the Coffee Maple Cacao LivBar.

Chocolate banana bites are quick and easy to make for a healthy and sweet dessert. With the addition of LivBar, it's a touch more nutritious than the average dessert. These can even be prepped ahead of time and stored in the freezer so you can enjoy them at any time. The combination of a crunch from the hardened chocolate and crumbled LivBar contrast nicely with a smooth-but-firm texture of the frozen banana. These cool treats are perfect for a hot and sunny afternoon, a midnight snack, or even a morning pick-me-up! We love any excuse to enjoy chocolate with LivBar.