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Coffee Maple Cacao Energy Balls

This homemade snack is loaded with nutritious ingredients and sweet and salty flavors. We love energy balls for their quick-and-easy, grab-and-go style. They’re perfect for when you need just a little something to keep you and your family going strong throughout a busy day.

Full of contrasting textures and complimentary flavors, these balls are simple to make by basically throwing everything together and mixing well. You can use your favorite seed butter, like sunflower seed butter, among the other ingredients like maple syrup, oats, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, seeds, and of course crumbled LivBar!

We love the Coffee Maple Cacao LivBar in these homemade seed butter energy balls. Those slightly sweet, rich and nutty (without the nuts!) flavors play nicely with the rest of the ingredients and bring everything together overall. Try an energy ball with your morning cup of joe for an extra boost and coffee flavor as part of your breakfast. Or, keep them on hand in the fridge near your workspace for whenever you just need a quick bite to munch on. Fair warning, though: That deliciousness means you might not be able to stop after enjoying just one!