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Dairy Free Cherry Matcha Nice Cream

This cherry matcha nice cream is a perfectly cool farewell to summer. It’s made with just five ingredients: Frozen ripe bananas are blended with your favorite matcha powder, plus vanilla extract, and then swirled with sweet cherries and topped with crumbled Lemongrass Cherry Matcha LivBar. It’s so simple but sweet and delicious! 

This sweet treat is a great example of an easy homemade dessert loaded with wholesome ingredients. If you’ve never made banana ice cream before, you may be surprised at the ice cream-like consistency. When frozen and blended, bananas become creamy, thick, and delicious. Since bananas are naturally sweet, no added sugars or sweeteners are necessary. Just make sure to use bananas that are fairly ripe! We like using matcha powder as a flavoring because of its earthy green tea taste and potential health benefits: Check out this article by Women’s Health to learn about matcha’s antioxidants and other healthful properties.

With matcha at the base, a swirl of sweet-but-tart cherries are in order. The contrast in taste and added texture in the creamy nice cream is a joy with every spoonful. Then, crumbles of Lemongrass Cherry Matcha bring a crunchy bite and even more cherry matcha vibes. For another matcha-flavored treat, try our Matcha Glazed Chocolate Donuts.