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Dairy-Free Vanilla Pudding Parfait

National Vanilla Pudding Day

Did you know May 22nd is National Vanilla Pudding Day? Time to celebrate by making a childhood treat into an adult delicacy! Who says you can't have nostalgic desserts as an adult?! 

We all remember those vanilla pudding cups that don't need to be refrigerated and have what seems like an endless shelf-life. Don't get us wrong, they were GOOD, but it's amazing how classics made with whole-food ingredients take it up a notch. (Or two)

In honor of National Vanilla Pudding Day, we decided to build a parfait with one of our favorite pudding brands and vegan whipped cream. Could there be a better combo?! We layered rich coconut rice pudding made with vanilla beans, coconut cool whip, and topped it with fresh organic raspberries and crumbled up Raspberry Kale Maca LivBar. 

The best part about recipes like this one is that they are simple. You can use any one of your favorite dairy-free puddings, layer it with chia pudding, whipped cream, and your favorite toppings. Yes, this may be dedicated to National Vanilla Pudding Day, but you can make it your own! 

Vegan Vanilla Pudding Parfait



  1. Layer desired amount of pudding and whipped cream in a jar.

  2. Top with fruit and crumbled up LivBar - a quick sweet treat!