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Ginger Lemon White Holiday Sangria

Batch cocktails like sangria and Christmas punch are popular for the holiday because they’re so convenient! When hosting a crowd, it’s nice to have drinks already made up to serve to guests and enjoy. But these drinks don’t have to be full of refined sugar and alcohol to be tasty: Added sugar like simple syrup is usually used in traditional punch and other cocktails like these. Rather, naturally sparkling ginger kombucha and fruit make up the base of this holiday beverage. 

Simply stir together these few ingredients and let sit in the fridge to allow the flavors to combine. Then pour into glasses full of ice and enjoy! You can also freeze some cranberries ahead of time to use as “ice” in this drink. This nonalcoholic sangria is slightly sparkling and so refreshing. Plus, that base of fermented kombucha means it even provides immune boosting-support like probiotics (just like the Ginger Lemon Turmeric LivBar it’s inspired by). We’d call that a win over those traditional sugary alcoholic drinks!

It will be easy to sip on white holiday sangria all season long when it’s this tasty. And although this mocktail is amazing served on its own, you can certainly add some white wine if you’d like.