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Gluten Free Coffee Cake

If you thought coffee cake couldn’t get any better, think again. Not only is this delicious coffee cake gluten and refined sugar free, but each bite is loaded with Coffee Maple Cacao LivBar! The crumbly addition is just what was needed to elevate the average coffee cake streusel. Some may see baking coffee cake as a complicated project, given the layers of cakey goodness and sweet streusel. But it’s incredibly easy to make!

A streusel is simply a crumbly mixture of sugar, butter, flour, and in this case, crumbled LivBar. We also opted for coconut sugar, vegan butter, and almond flour. And after mixing together your batter with ingredients like vegan butter, dairy free yogurt, oat flour, coconut sugar, all you have to do is spread a couple alternating layers of crumbly streusel and moist cake into a lined baking pan. Then you have a tasty breakfast baked good that will impress all!

And what better way to enjoy it all than with a nice hot cup of joe? Coffee cake gets its name not because there’s any coffee in a traditional version, but because it’s so pleasant to eat alongside a cup of coffee. Although we don’t recommend dunking the cake like one may with a donut —It’s quite moist and crumbly!— You could certainly wash down a bite or two with some hot brew. By using a Coffee Maple Cacao LivBar, though, there’s a hint of that coffee flavor in each bite of the tasty cake.