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Gluten-Free Mixed Berry Mini Trifles

In honor of Independence Day, we thought these mini trifles were the perfect little dessert! The Fourth of July is a great time to make fun themed treats and enjoy them with friends, family, and kids. And this dish reps the colors of the flag without unnecessary artificial colors or add-ins. White cake, dairy free whipped cream, and blue and red berries are all that’s needed to make a color-coded dessert. And bonus: You can use fresh, local berries in the Pacific Northwest since summer is berry season!

Simply layer the moist cake, whipped cream mixture, fresh berries, and crumbled LivBar and you’re good to go! We like the Blueberry Vanilla Kale and Raspberry Kale Maca LivBars for their color and a contrasting crunch for the dessert.

We used a gluten-free vanilla boxed cake mix to make things less complicated and save time on these mini trifles. You can even prepare some elements of the dish ahead of time, like the cake and whipped cream mixture, to make things even easier on the day of the patriotic celebration. If you’re looking for more individual dessert recipes, check out our refreshing No Bake Raspberry Cream Personal Pies!