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Gluten Free Peppermint Mocha Brownies

Chocolate lovers rejoice. Doesn’t everyone love chocolate? Okay, maybe not everyone. But with a hint of fresh peppermint pieces, rich espresso, and light ingredients to boot, even the most cocoa-averse acquaintance might be tempted for a taste of these peppermint mocha brownies. Plus, it’s gluten free, allowing for more people across the dietary spectrum to enjoy.

And the final flourish on top of it all? We just knew these brownies needed a crumbled Coffee Maple Cacao LivBar in with the peppermint streusel on top.  

Slightly chewy and fudgy, we gave these mocha brownies a seasonal makeover with the addition of a single crushed candy cane and an extra tasty boost with instant espresso powder. Save for one or two ingredients and a box of gluten free brownie mix, this recipe is quick, easy, and made with what you probably have on hand already. 

How about coffee lovers? The instant espresso powder throughout the brownies pairs perfectly with the Coffee Maple Cacao bar on top. We recommend a hot cup of joe to pair alongside, or double up the maple flavors and continue your momentum in the kitchen by whipping up our Salted Maple Pumpkin Spice Latte. A hot drink and a treat should get you in the holiday mood. 

This merrymaking holiday recipe is just right for a baking session with kids to bond over Christmas break or as a last-minute treat for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve— It’s fun to get fancy with these traditions and try something new that you know you’ll love. And because of its versatility, this is something you can easily make extra of and gift to your neighbors!