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Gluten Free S’mores Rice Krispies Treats

We absolutely love this spin on rice krispy treats and s’mores! These rice krispies are made with the basics for s’mores, like graham crackers and chocolate, with bonus pieces of Coffee Maple Cacao LivBar throughout. It’s a fun treat that’s full of all of the best elements of a good dessert. Chewy, crispy bites of rice krispies work well with chunks of chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.

rice krispy treats

Then, those bites of crumbled LivBar add a solid burst of flavor. Think sweet vanilla, along with spices, maple, and notes of coffee. Plus, there’s little pieces of crisped quinoa in the LivBar! This echoes the texture of the puffed rice cereal and the LivBar adds a nice crunchy element against the soft marshmallows. We like vegan marshmallows, like Dandies, which are free of gelatin as well as corn syrup.

s'mores rice krispy

These s’mores rice krispies treats are easy to make for a potluck or family party. The coffee flavor is subtle while the chocolate is stronger — This means kids and adults alike are sure to be tempted by the gooey bars as a finishing sweet treat to end a meal. For another s’mores inspired dessert by LivBar, try this recipe!