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Halloween Caramel Apple Nachos

These caramel apple nachos are just right for a Halloween treat. It’s a quick and easy party appetizer or snack for kids or adults! And you can easily top them with whatever sounds good to you: Pick your favorite sweet toppings and get creative with the tasty mess of apple slices.

While Halloween is a prime time for enjoying sweet treats and candy with kids and friends, it doesn’t have to go down as such a sugar-laden holiday! You can enjoy all the festive, sweet elements of Halloween without processed candy and refined sugar. For this recipe, we used homemade paleo caramel sauce: The sweet “caramel” is made easily with a base of coconut milk and coconut sugar. Then we used dairy and refined sugar free white chocolate for another drizzle alongside the caramel.

Choose your favorite LivBar to crumble on top of the nachos and finish with whatever else calls to you: This might mean seeds, naturally colored sprinkles, dried fruit, gluten free pretzels, or refined sugar free candy corn. These toppings avoid common allergens, too, meaning there's a good chance just about anyone can join in on the fun.