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Loaded Fall Figs

Fall-ing for Figs

Did you know the first Tuesday of October is National Fruit at Work Day? Instead of creating a classic fruit salad, we decided to take it up a notch with some (not so) fancy loaded figs. But first, why does this national day exist?!

According to National Day Calendar,

"The Fruit Guys founded National Fruit At Work Day in 2000 to promote the benefits of eating fruit at work. They urge eating fruit at work all year long, but especially on Fruit at Work Day. Some people even dress up like fruit, act fruity, or even wear fruit to show their excitement for the day."

We thought this national day was unique which is why we chose to do something for it! We chose the beloved fig because it is in-season and one of our favorites. Figs are great for digestive health, heart health, blood sugar management, healthy skin, and so much more. Although we love figs on their own, they're great on toast, in dessert, and in this case, a base for yummy toppings - just like our Loaded Apple Nachos!

We took fresh organic figs, sliced them in half, and topped them with all of our favorite toppings! We went for all the classics: almond butter, raw honey, LivBar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. You can switch it up and use anything you'd like, but these toppings combined with the figs create the ultimate sweet treat. Take these bad boys to work and you are sure to have others asking to try!