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No Bake Raspberry Cream Personal Pies

National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Surprise! Another day celebrating a dessert we love. Okay, maybe it's not much of a surprise, but we think celebrating National Raspberry Cream Pie Day on August 1st every year is a must. As always, we took this classic dessert and made a spin off that is easy to make and best yet - no bake!

We love every chance we get to use raspberries. They're low glycemic, packed with fiber and many antioxidant properties that can help reduce the risk of disease and inflammation - they're called a superfood for a reason! These are a few of the many reasons why we have chosen to use them in our Raspberry Kale Maca LivBar.

We took a different approach with this recipe and used an alternative sweetener as opposed to the typical honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar that we use. We created this entire recipe with Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener - a zero calorie, zero sugar alternative. 

"Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener is the only zero-calorie, zero-glycemic sweetener that is just like sugar. It is made from monk fruit which was used for centuries in eastern traditional herbalism to increase chi and well-being, earning it the nickname “The Immortals’ Fruit”. We still grow and harvest monk fruit for Lakanto in the same pristine area and according to traditional and environmental methods."

Using monk fruit also makes it possible for this dessert to be keto friendly. Simply replace the LivBar with a low carb crust recipe or eat it with no crust at all! The filling and topping is THAT good. The raspberry topping contains just a few ingredients and is easy to put together, but you could also try making our Quick & Easy Raspberry Superfood Jam for the topping.