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Paleo Iced Maple Mocha

Laced with chocolate flavor and sweetened simply by pure maple syrup, this recipe for an iced mocha is delicious and refreshing. Just four ingredients make up this paleo maple mocha, which can also be made hot (just ditch the ice and steam your milk first). A maple cacao syrup is made with just pure maple syrup and cacao powder, which brings flavor and sweetness to whatever it's added — You’ll have extra syrup leftover, too, that can be used to make more mochas or to stir into other recipes or dishes, like yogurt.

That paleo friendly mixture of cacao powder and maple syrup is first stirred into freshly pulled espresso. Then, fill the glass with ice and pour in your desired amount of dairy free milk. Stir to combine or enjoy the aesthetic as the milk mixes with the coffee and chocolate.

It’s really that easy. Inspired by our Coffee Maple Cacao LivBar, the coffee and chocolate flavors fit together perfectly— And easily satisfies those afternoon cravings when you’re looking for something sweet alongside your caffeine fix.