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Paleo Spritz Cookies with LivBar Crumble

It's Cookie Time!

When the chance to spend time with family during the holidays is feasible, baking and decorating cookies is a favorite tradition for so many households. The simplicity and Christmas tradition of the spritz cookie makes it our go-to treat for such a tradition.

You’re probably familiar with the buttery, beautifully shaped and easily customizable treat, often referred to as a shortbread and sugar cookie hybrid. The soft but crumbly cookies with Scandinvaian ties are usually decorated with icing and sprinkles, but are tasty enough to be enjoyed plain as well. Usually made with almond or maybe vanilla extract, we went ahead with both for double the flavor.

After baking, we topped with sugar-free chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, and crumbled LivBar. The combination of sweetness and crunch play well together quite uniquely! Plus, by using a foundation of almond flour and no refined sugars, the cookies are both gluten free and paleo. We shy away from processed sugars and only use unrefined sugars in our LivBars because of the long-term health benefits — Our Best Paleo Caramel Sauce comes from a refined sugar-free foundation, too. Read our post about sugars and reading nutrition labels here for more background on added sugars.

The cookes are shaped and arranged by squirting the dough through a tube with a plunger and trigger mechanism to plop out individual cookies on a tray, spaced close together as they don’t spread much. Spritz cookie presses are widely available in old school, more traditional models and newer styles: the main difference is the added features and grips to newer cookie presses, which tend to be made of plastic rather than metal. Fill the tube with dough, then pull the trigger to squeeze cookie dough from the tube through a molded disk into a desired shape: Modern cookie presses generally include up to a dozen different shapes from flowers and stars to snowflakes, Christmas trees, and candy canes.

If you’ve never used one, don’t fret. Cookie presses make it super quick to whip up a tremendous batch of goodies — And it’s quite an amusing source of entertainment to shoot cookies out of plastic gun, one plunge at a time. After they’re made, decorating is the longer, creative part of the process. This dough also plays well with food coloring, if you happen to feel crafty enough.