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Sparkling Paleo Matcha Lemonade

For a refreshing daytime drink that is perfect for spring and summer, this matcha lemonade hits just right. Slightly sweet and super tangy, it’s made with minimal ingredients and no refined sugar— It’s just not necessary! Rather, honey sweetens things up. Homemade lemonade just tastes like the summer season and harkens to bright sunny days. This paleo-friendly matcha version of the classic drink is a great way to jumpstart your summer. No need for special equipment or hours in the kitchen: Just mix it together and store it covered in the refrigerator for whenever you need a quick refreshing drink.

This drink is heavily inspired by the Lemongrass Cherry Matcha LivBar: Just sweet enough, flavored with matcha, and ideal for on-the-go snacking and drinking. Matcha powder works from multiple angles in this drink, adding color, flavor, and a burst of energy! By using fresh lemon juice, it tastes just right with tarty lemon flavor among the earthy green tea taste of matcha. This matcha tea and lemon mixture may remind you of a traditional Arnold Palmer, which is simply a half-and-half blend of iced tea and lemonade.