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Spooky Yogurt Dirt Cups

Traditional Halloween treats are classic for a reason — Many people are familiar with Halloween dirt cups, made up to look like a spooky scene with gummy worms crawling across crumbled cookies. But we like these breakfast yogurt cups for the healthier ghostly vibes instead! Just layer your favorite dairy free yogurt between crumbled LivBar, then top it off with SmartSweets gummy worms or any other toppings you’d like.

We prefer alternatives to candy gummy worms that don’t contain added sugar and artificial colors, like SmartSweets. And instead of shelf-stable or instant chocolate pudding, dairy free yogurt provides protein and nutrients. Plus, the ghostly white is a fun spin on the classic dark “dirt”! These breakfast cups can be made in large batches or as an individual serving for anytime: One LivBar per cup is a good guide for this recipe. 

You can also opt for whatever festive toppings sound good to you! Aside from SmartSweets, there may be other kinds of refined sugar free candy that will fit in nicely with these dirt cups. As far as other Halloween candy like candy corn goes — If that’s what you want, go for it! But just take note of the addition of refined sugar and additives like corn syrup. Or, try LivBar’s own version of Halloween candy!