Iced Matcha Chai Latte

Perfectly spiced and just a touch sweet, this matcha chai latte is a nice balance between the two popular beverages: Matcha and chai are two common types of tea that are often incorporated into baked goods or served with steamed milk as a latte. In this recipe, we use both types of tea to double up on flavor and as an extra creative edge. Here at LivBar, we’re all about having fun with tasty, nutritious foods and love this combination of matcha and chai. Since matcha is a type of green tea and masala chai is a type of black tea, it’s a fun mix between the two common teas.

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Vegan Golden Milk Chai Latte

Creamy and comforting, golden milk chai lattes are so easy to make. The slightly spicy, warm drink is so cozy on winter evenings and holiday mornings. Hot water is mixed with a blend of maple syrup for flavor and sweetness, spices like turmeric, and your favorite steamed dairy free milk for this simple recipe. Turmeric powder provides this chai latte with a golden color, plus health benefits like antioxidants. For more information on the power of turmeric and why we love it here at LivBar, check out our blog all about it here. Read Full Post Here

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Sparkling Paleo Matcha Lemonade

For a refreshing daytime drink that is perfect for spring and summer, this matcha lemonade hits just right. Slightly sweet and super tangy, it’s made with minimal ingredients and no refined sugar— It’s just not necessary! Rather, honey sweetens things up. Homemade lemonade just tastes like the summer season and harkens to bright sunny days. This paleo-friendly matcha version of the classic drink is a great way to jumpstart your summer. Read Full Post Here

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