Ginger Lemon White Holiday Sangria

Batch cocktails like sangria and Christmas punch are popular for the holiday because they’re so convenient! When hosting a crowd, it’s nice to have drinks already made up to serve to guests and enjoy. But these drinks don’t have to be full of refined sugar and alcohol to be tasty: Added sugar like simple syrup is usually used in traditional punch and other cocktails like these. Rather, naturally sparkling ginger kombucha and fruit make up the base of this holiday beverage.  Read Full Post Here

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Vegan Golden Milk Chai Latte

Creamy and comforting, golden milk chai lattes are so easy to make. The slightly spicy, warm drink is so cozy on winter evenings and holiday mornings. Hot water is mixed with a blend of maple syrup for flavor and sweetness, spices like turmeric, and your favorite steamed dairy free milk for this simple recipe. Turmeric powder provides this chai latte with a golden color, plus health benefits like antioxidants. For more information on the power of turmeric and why we love it here at LivBar, check out our blog all about it here. Read Full Post Here

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Gluten Free Lemon Zucchini Bread

Rather than heading to a grocery store bakery, it might be a good idea to bake your own homemade goods. That means kicking that loaf of packaged zucchini bread to the curb — You know, that one with refined sugar listed as the main ingredient, followed by a laundry list of other unpronounceables? Instead, LivBar encourages you to aim for healthy home cooking. And we can help get you there thanks to this Lemon Turmeric Zucchini Bread! Read Full Post Here

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Vegan Raw Lemon Cheesecake Bars

Refreshingly sweet and a bit tart, these vegan lemon cheesecake bars are the perfect treat for summer! Can you tell we love vegan cheesecake?! These cheesecake bars are quick to whip up and throw in the freezer. A blend of oats, dates, cashews, and crumbled Ginger Lemon Turmeric LivBar makes up the crust. Read Full Post Here

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Gluten Free Lemon French Toast

Here at LivBar, we’re suckers for a big breakfast loaded with fluffy bread and crunchy toppings. After crafting the perfect Build Your Own Gluten Free Waffle recipe and Gluten Free Blueberry Pancake recipe, a heaping plate of fluffy and crisp french toast was the obvious next step. Read Full Post Here

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Vegan Turmeric Eggnog

When it’s time to ease into the holidays, nothing comforts more than the sweet memory of homemade eggnog.This vegan eggnog recipe takes a twist on tradition, utilizing one of our favorite superfoods to add a warm, earthly flavor and a healthy kick of antioxidants. Adding turmeric balances alongside other spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and brings the drink to that golden-milk-eggnog hue. Read Full Post Here

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