Raspberry Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

This quick and easy smoothie bowl recipe is a delicious blend of flavors and results in a slightly creamy consistency (thanks, banana!). It’s perfect for smoothie bowls because of its bright pink color from pitaya powder, which brings only subtle flavors. That means you can pile all the toppings you want on top! In addition to a LivBar of your choice, some examples for toppings include coconut flakes, chopped nuts, seeds, and fruit.

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Berry Kale Maca Smoothie

Smoothies are such a tasty, refreshing way to enjoy a quick, filling snack. They’re also an easy vessel for consuming vitamins and nutrients found in spices, herbs, and produce like dark leafy greens. You can toss pretty much any powder or supplement into smoothie blends. This berry kale smoothie supplies needed nutrients in a hearty blend of frozen berries, kale, maca, and more. Read Full Post Here

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Tropical Green Superfood Smoothie

Due to the standard American diet, there seems to be a common misconception about green drinks and that they'll taste like grass or dirt when that's usually not the case. If you're someone who is turned off by the sight of spinach or kale being added to dishes, this recipe is for you. Read Full Post Here

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