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Vegan Raw Lemon Cheesecake Bars

Refreshingly sweet and a bit tart, these vegan lemon cheesecake bars are the perfect treat for summer! Can you tell we love vegan cheesecake?! These cheesecake bars are quick to whip up and throw in the freezer. A blend of oats, dates, cashews, and crumbled Ginger Lemon Turmeric LivBar makes up the crust. The lemon flavor comes through strongly in each bite thanks to that crumbly crust and creamy filling: Both lemon zest and juice are blended together with silky cashew cream and coconut cream— make sure to use the zest as well as the juice for ultimate flavor! Each bite is so refreshing and tastes of lemon, with hints of coconut too. It’s a perfect combination of fruity flavors that go so well together.

We love that these can be enjoyed both when they’re still frozen and at room temperature. That creamy filling has a nice icy bite when frozen and melts in your mouth when thawed a bit. These are perfect for summer because they’re so light and can be enjoyed just about anywhere. Since they’re free of refined sugar and dairy, you can share these lemon cheesecake bars with just about anyone! To keep them firm for, store these vegan lemon cheesecake bars in the freezer.