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Vegan Strawberry Raspberry No Churn Ice Cream

A short list of ingredients including coconut cream and maple syrup make this berry ice cream easy and delicious. Maple syrup avoids refined sugar and blends so easily into the mixture. And coconut cream is the perfect vegan alternative to ice creams made with dairy: it’s thickness helps keep the finished product firm while staying creamy. This vegan strawberry raspberry no-churn ice cream is a bit tart, but still sweet.

This recipe avoids the hassle of churning ice cream and messing with different ingredients to get the right ratio to firm up. Rather, we simply use coconut cream, frozen berries, maple syrup, and vanilla extract to make this simple ice cream. These ingredients are quickly blended together, then spread into a loaf pan and tossed in the freezer until firm.

Crumbled bits of our Raspberry Maca LivBar along with unsweetened coconut flakes welcomes a chewy, crunchy aspect to bites of otherwise smooth and creamy ice cream. Before freezing, these elements are layered between the strawberry raspberry ice cream and sprinkled on top. It’s quick, easy, and made with just a few ingredients from your own home.