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Grain Free Lemon Blueberry Donuts

Citrusy, spongey, and perfectly sweet, these grain free lemon blueberry donuts are baked to perfection and have bursts of blueberries throughout. A simple grain free mix starts with almond flour, arrowroot, eggs, and coconut sugar. Fresh blueberries and lemon juice and zest flavors the donuts and the optional addition of crumbled LivBar right into the batter brings extra contrasting texture.

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Paleo Iced Maple Mocha

Laced with chocolate flavor and sweetened simply by pure maple syrup, this recipe for an iced mocha is delicious and refreshing. Just four ingredients make up this paleo maple mocha, which can also be made hot (just ditch the ice and steam your milk first). A maple cacao syrup is made with just pure maple syrup and cacao powder, which brings flavor and sweetness to whatever it's added.

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Raspberry Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

This quick and easy smoothie bowl recipe is a delicious blend of flavors and results in a slightly creamy consistency (thanks, banana!). It’s perfect for smoothie bowls because of its bright pink color from pitaya powder, which brings only subtle flavors. That means you can pile all the toppings you want on top! In addition to a LivBar of your choice, some examples for toppings include coconut flakes, chopped nuts, seeds, and fruit.

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Iced Matcha Chai Latte

Perfectly spiced and just a touch sweet, this matcha chai latte is a nice balance between the two popular beverages: Matcha and chai are two common types of tea that are often incorporated into baked goods or served with steamed milk as a latte. In this recipe, we use both types of tea to double up on flavor and as an extra creative edge. Here at LivBar, we’re all about having fun with tasty, nutritious foods and love this combination of matcha and chai. Since matcha is a type of green tea and masala chai is a type of black tea, it’s a fun mix between the two common teas.

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Dairy Free Gluten Free Blueberry Dutch Baby

Crisp on the outside but fluffy throughout, skeptics wouldn’t even believe this blueberry dutch baby is both dairy and gluten free. A dutch baby is like a pancake, but baked in butter in a hot oven. They’re fun to make because the cooking method is quite unlike any other: Vegan butter is melted in a cast iron skillet— not on the stovetop!— Then a pancake-like batter is poured into the hot skillet. Twenty minutes later, the dutch baby is pulled from the oven and enjoyed.

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Vegan Strawberry Raspberry No Churn Ice Cream

A short list of ingredients including coconut cream and maple syrup make this berry ice cream easy and delicious. Maple syrup avoids refined sugar and blends so easily into the mixture. And coconut cream is the perfect vegan alternative to ice creams made with dairy: it’s thickness helps keep the finished product firm while staying creamy. This vegan strawberry raspberry no-churn ice cream is a bit tart, but still sweet.

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