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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it pronounced "Liv-Bar" or "Live-Bar"?

We say “Liv” (rhymes with “give”). “Liv” is Norwegian for “life,” and Founder Jan Johansen chose the name to pay homage to her Norwegian grandmother, whose motto was always “Your health is your wealth.”

LIV also represents the number 54 in Roman Numerals, which just so happens to be Jan’s favorite number. Read our full story here.

Where are LivBars made?

We’re so glad you asked. LivBars are handmade in our very own solar-powered facility in Salem, Oregon. We’re serious about our commitment to providing real whole food that is good for you and the planet!

Where can I buy LivBars?

We ship free to all 50 states right off our website! 

You can also find us in grocery stores in more than 40 different states. If you need help finding your closest store, check out our store locator here. You can also shoot us an email - we’re happy to help! We’re also on Amazon Prime.

Do you have a subscription program?

Why yes we do! If you like real food snacks to show up at your door when you need them, our Snackscription is for you! Learn the details here.

How do I get LivBars in my favorite local store?

Let them know you’d like to see us on their shelves! You have the most power as a consumer to change the grocery landscape, so we appreciate your support in getting more real food options on the shelves for everyone. Check out this article to learn more about the process of getting a product on shelf.

Below is a message you can copy/paste, as well as an image you can save. Just email to or print and drop off at your favorite store.

Hello! I noticed that you don’t have my favorite organic superfood energy bar, LivBar, on your shelf. I would love it if you considered carrying their product. You can reach them at Thank you! 

Do LivBars contain tree nuts?

It depends on who you ask about one of our favorite ingredients: the coconut! LivBars definitely do not contain peanuts, almonds, cashews, or other traditional nuts, and in fact, our facility is completely free of them!

However, LivBars do contain a few forms of coconut. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology states: “Coconut is not a botanical nut; it is classified as a fruit, even though the Food and Drug Administration recognizes coconut as a tree nut. While allergic reactions to coconut have been documented, most people who are allergic to tree nuts can safely eat coconut.” 

We always recommend checking with your doctor if you have any concerns about eating coconut.

What else are LivBars free from?

We’ve been gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and GMO free since the beginning. Our Founder Jan wanted to create a bar that everyone - including her husband, who has a peanut and gluten allergy - could safely eat, so she created LivBars to be free from all major allergens.

Are LivBars a protein bar?

The short answer? No, not really. We created LivBars to provide balanced, sustainable energy with healthy fats, carbs, fiber, and protein in whole food form. We don’t use protein isolates to amp up the amount of protein in each bar, so each LivBar contains around 8g of protein. The average person gets plenty of protein, so we wanted to create a bar that would fit into most people’s diets.

Where does the protein in a LivBar come from?

Sunflower seeds, crisped quinoa, and pumpkin seeds.

Are LivBars meal replacement bars?

Our Founder Jan designed LivBars to be a balanced energy bar. While LivBar was not explicitly designed as a meal replacement bar, we believe in a full and varied diet, and trust our customers to decide how our bars best fit into their lives. If you’re ever in doubt, consult your doctor or an RD!

Are LivBars vegetarian? Do you have vegan options?

All of our bars are vegan! In order to continuously stay inclusive, we have removed honey from our formula and replaced it with coconut nectar.

Are you gluten free?

Heck yeah we are!

How much caffeine is in the Lemongrass Cherry Matcha and Coffee Maple Cacao bars?

There’s less than 1 mg (~.34) of caffeine in the Coffee Maple Cacao bar and 0mg in the Lemongrass Cherry Matcha bar. For reference, a regular 8oz cup of coffee contains about 95mg of caffeine and an 8oz cup of black tea contains about 47mg.

When do LivBars expire?

All bars have a 365 day shelf life! Since we don't melt or freeze, we're a perfect snack all year long. You can always check your LivBar wrapper for a more specific date.

LivBar wrappers are compostable (yay!) so that must mean that I can just throw them on the ground or leave them in the dirt at a campsite, right?

Please don’t do that. The wrappers need certain environmental conditions and will take time to compost, so be sure to pack up and properly dispose of all of your food waste and wrappers, whether you’re taking a simple city stroll or adventuring out on a remote trail. We’re strong believers in leaving no trace, so be kind to your environment and don’t leave anything behind.

How long will it take for the wrapper to break down in my home compost?

It’s hard to say. They can disintegrate as fast as 8-12 weeks in the perfect environment. However, due to the varying conditions of home composts, we can’t guarantee a specific amount of time.

Check out this awesome video of a wrapper decomposing in a home compost!

If I have a donation request or event sponsorship inquiry, who should I talk to?

Thank you for thinking of us! Please fill out this form and someone from our team will review your submission. While we'd love to say yes to every request, due to the volume of donation and sponsorship requests we receive, we have to focus on those that most closely align with LivBar's values. We will follow up with you within five business days if we feel that the partnership is a good fit.

I’m another CPG brand and I’m interested in learning more about using compostable packaging. Can you help?

We love to support other businesses in making the switch to compostable film! We've worked with a local company to find a specific type of film that works best for our bars. We source some materials from NatureFlex. You can visit their website here. It might be worth giving them a call to see how they might be able to help with your specific product or if there's someone in your area that could work with you.

I noticed the nutrition facts and ingredients on a bar I bought are different from what is pictured on the website (or vice versa) - which is right and why are they different?

Great questions! First of all, we applaud your discerning eye - reading nutrition labels is so important!

Our mission is to make the best real food bars that are accessible to the most people. We didn't make any changes lightly! Thankfully, we received great feedback in test groups with the overwhelming majority preferring the new recipe.

We decided to replace honey with coconut nectar in every bar, making them all vegan! We also replaced brown rice and sesame seeds with ancient grains, sorghum and millet. 

The new formula will leave you feeling even more full and nourished! Why? Read more here.

In addition to the formula change, unfortunately, our last nutrition label vendor made a few errors. We were refunded for the mistakes and hired a new agency specializing in regulatory compliance. They found a slight variation in calories (about 40-50 calories different, depending on the bar). See each product page for full details. Also, coconut sugar and coconut nectar should've been considered added sugar. You'll see the 6g "added sugar" broken out as part of the new FDA regulations. The rest of the "sugar" comes from what naturally occurs in our other ingredients, such as the fruit and seeds. 

 Former Packaging / Nutrition Facts

New Packaging / Correct Nutrition Facts


Why remove brown rice and sesame seeds? Why replace them with ancient grains? 

Sorghum is more nutrient dense than brown rice (which is often considered a filler.) Did you know, it's also more sustainable?! Sorghum uses 1/60th of the water needed to grow rice.

Millet is crunchier, more filling, aids in digestion, and helps regulate blood glucose.

Most importantly, sesame seeds were just declared a major allergen in the US (effective 2023). We wanted to make sure we removed those as soon as possible so we could continue crafting a real food bar accessible to everyone.

What does it mean to be OU Kosher?

LivBar’s mission is to empower humans to eat what’s good for themselves and the planet. One of the ways we make this possible is to be accessible to the most people and communities possible. We have taken many steps to ensure that our bars can be enjoyed by people no matter what their dietary needs or restrictions are. Being OU Kosher means that more people will have access to LivBars. We strive to make a delicious and healthy snack that is available to all.

Being OU Kosher also means that our bars are being held to one of the top standards of food products. OU Kosher certification is widely recognized and trusted by customers. We know that being OU certified means that our bars are a great choice for consumers.


OU Kosher Certification